In 2016, Founder- Chris Pope bought a new home in beautiful Allen, TX.  The neighborhood is one of the safest in the country. With new construction still going on in the development, theft still occurred. Incidents from package deliveries on doorsteps to other issues needed to be prevented. Though many residents had doorbell and floodlight cameras those cameras did not identify or lead to a decrease in repeat offenders.

The HOA wanted it to stop. Chris proposed a Pole unit with 3 Cameras to record all cars entering and leaving the neighborhood with the ability to capture vehicle details and license plates.  It went to a vote with unanimous approval.  First Camera System was installed and within the first month it led to 3 apprehensions. Though charges where not filed on all, the crimes slowed. Residents felt safer.  The main reason for success was getting the make, model and plate of a car that led to arrests. Doorbells may catch a face but without the ability to find the person nothing can be solved.  Most criminals do not focus locally.

Shortly after, one of the residents; who oversees an Electrical Power Substation, was interested in working with Chris for a solution as well. This application needed much more than just the ability to retrieve clear video detail. This needed to know exactly when someone was on property and authorities to respond quickly. Chris manufactured the first of its kind: Remote Surveillance unit with alarm detection and remote central station monitored events. The differences between Solar Surveillance solution and other Mobile Units are:


  • 100% cellular connection working on all 4 major networks not solely 1 provider

  • 100% Secure Bank Grade Firewall protection from hackers

  • Central Station receives Video verification of live alarms within :05 seconds

  • Live and Playback of alarm event to speak with authorities live and give verbal communication what they are looking for

  • License plate Capture

  • Ability to sound alarm and strobe light to deter thieves from vandalism or keep silent until police arrive.


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